Elephant herd at the edge of the Zambezi River, Chobe, Botswana, 2012. Photo: Bill Kane

River crossing, Argentinian Andes, 1989.  Photo: Bill Kane

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First winter ascent, Three Birches, 5.8, Cathedral Ledge, North Conway, NH 1978.  Photo: Mack Johnson

Dawn over the plateau, Yellowstone National Park, MT, August, 1982. Photo: Bill Kane

"Nobody has taught Wilderness Medicine to more people then Bill Kane.  He is one of the most accomplished, entertaining, experienced, and engaging educators I've ever known.  Not many educators can hold my attention for 48 hours...but Bill can!"

Jon Politis, MPA, NR Paramedic *Firefighter, Ski Patroller, Mountaineer

*NY State EMS Training Coordinator          *BOD, National Registry of EMTs               *Flight Paramedic, Colonie, NY                   *Chief, Colonie EMS, Colonie, NY 1989-2010

*Advisor, "24-7" EMS Training Videos      *NREMT Exam Team

*Ranger, Teton National Park.

Setting up fixed ropes on Moose's Tooth, Alaska, 1987.  Photo: Bill Kane

The kane Schools,             Wild & Rescue Medicine​

WILd & rescue medicine

Learn from people who have done what they teach.

Our Teachers

TKS teachers all have experience in the outdoors...they know how to take of themselves in the wild for weeks and months at a time.  Most have worked as Guides, Outdoor Educators, Land Managers (State and Federal), Soldiers, and SAR Team members.  Those who teach "licensing courses" like EMR/WFR, EMT/WEMT, and Advanced EMT have significant clinical experience as rescuers and EMS providers...they know the medicine, and the process, of the EMS system.

Whether it's experiential wilderness principles or evidenced -based medicine, all of our teacher know why they teach, what they teach...because they've done it.

The North face of Mount Edith Cavell, Alberta. Once called the "Eiger" of No. America, late day, clearing storm, August, 1983. Photo: Bill Kane 


Bill Kane, BA, NR AEMT, I/C NH & ME, WEMT

​With a BA from Gettysburg College, he worked for the YMCA leading adventure trips and became Physical/Aquatic Director and then Camp Director.  In the mid-1970s he became manager of a climbing shop in Northern NE and joined the Mountain Rescue Service of NH in 1976 becoming a Director and Team Leader till the late 1990s.  As an EMT (now Advanced EMT) he began teaching EMTs and wilderness medicine and rescue in 1977.  Bill joined Fryeburg Rescue in 1978 and has practiced pre-hospital medicine in the mountains of rural Maine for over 40 years.  As an owner/partner of International Mountain Climbing School, and as Director of Education for a high-volume program, he's had the opportunity to climb, guide, and teach on five continents and has competed in hundreds of endurance events over 40+ years.

  • ​Team Leader, Director, Former VP, Mountain Rescue Service, Inc. 1976-1998
  • ​Licensed EMS Instructor/Coordinator NH & ME Since 1978
  • ​Licensed NR Advanced EMT ME & NH Since 1976
  • ​Founder, Former Pres., Outdoor Industry Assoc./Climbing Sports Group, 1987-97
  • ​President, Founding Member, New Hampshire Outdoor Council 1986-Present
  • ​Member, NHBEMS Education Advisory Cabinet, 2007-Present
  • EMS Educator of the Year, 2012 NH NC Council
  • Keynote Speaker, Mountain Rescue Association, Carefree, AZ, June 2013

The Kane Schools, Wild & Rescue Medicine 

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